Payver is the dashcam that pays you to drive.

We analyze data you collect to map roads, look for fallen signs, potholes, and changing road conditions.

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Why Record My Drives?

You're helping keep roadmaps for autonomous cars up to date. You're also helping your city by tracking hazards like potholes.
What's in it for you...

Collect Points

Not only is the dashcam free to use, but you also collect points which are redeemable for PayPal cash, gift cards, or accessories

Trip Diary

Opt in to Trip Diary, and we will email you stats about your routes -- time spent waiting in traffic, better routes, and average speed.

Accident Liability

If you're not at fault in a collision, you can choose to upload the evidence to our servers.

Compete with Friends

Who will be the first person to map the roads near you?


Answer The Payver shop is located under the My Account (Me) tab.
Answer Landscape. (horizontal) Portrait trips will be rejected and no points awarded.
Answer The app is configured by default to upload only on WiFi. If you chose to enable cellular uploads, uploads are roughly 1GB/15 miles. Please note that some carriers throttle "unlimited" plans.
Answer No, Payver does not record sound.
Answer Mount the phone so that the camera can see the road. If you can drive your car based on just the output from the video, that's good. Also check out our guide located here:
Answer If you tap on the screen while you're driving, Payver creates an "Incident" clip, which includes 30 seconds of video before you tapped and 15 seconds of video after. This is useful if you see something that you want to keep (such as an accident). Payver will also attempt to trigger an Incident automatically if very hard braking is detected.
Answer We use Google Firebase to handle our sign in flow. Some carriers might have Google Firebase's number blacklisted. You can update your phone's blocked number list and try again after a few minutes.

Which dashboard mounts work best?

Nearly any mount that attaches to your windshield with a suction cup will work. Don't use the mounts that can't see fully out the window.

Here are three that we recommend:

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